1905 Revolution Essay

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1905 Revolution "These days we call anything a revolution…"[1] To decide whether or not any event is a revolution I must first set some parameters to define my personal idea of what a revolution is. I believe a revolution to be a radical change of anything, not just political. I believe this as from history labelling the Renaissance as a revolution, yet it lacked political change. In my opinion hindsight is very important to whether or not something is a revolution. I think you can only decide if something was revolutionary if you can see its consequences. I do not think revolutionary thought is essential to whether or not an event is a revolution. To discover whether or not 1905 was a…show more content…
This resulted in a generalised feeling of resentment towards the Tsar even amongst his supporters. The political unrest was present through the survival of a poor Minister of the Interior, Viacheslav von Plehve, until 1904 when he was assassinated. This was the Tsar's chance to quell the political unrest. He chose a new minister in Prince Sviatopolk-Mirskii. However, he had "political innocence"[3] and promised vague reform. Basically he was weak and this weakness annoyed both wings of the political spectrum sustaining the political unrest throughout 1905. Economical unrest is best shown through the peasants. They were heavy under the weight of redemption payments and oppressive taxes and their economic unrest was definitely evident preceding 1905, and throughout 1905 they vented their anger. "The ferment in the countryside grew in a menacing way"[4], is a good quote describing their movements as the word 'menacing' seems to suggest they were very dangerous and seems to have connotations supporting the large numbers that there were. The word 'ferment' supports the fact it peasant unrest had been building up. One major achievement I can see from the peasant uprisings was that they were organised by themselves, demonstrating their own political thought and this was cemented in July of the year when the
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