1917 Russian Revolution Essay

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Russian Revolution Essay.
Throughout history there have been many revolutions between the population of a country and its government. People always want change, usually in the directions of freedom, peace and equality and in the lead up to the 1917 Russian revolution; there were a variety of social, political and economic situations that all played their part.
In the years leading up to the revolution, Russia had been involved in a series of wars. The Crimean war, The Russo-Turkish war, The Russo-Japanese war and the First World War. Russia had been defeated in all except the war with Turkey and its government and economy had the scars to prove it. A severe lack of food and poor living conditions amongst the peasant population led
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Petersburg was submitted to Nicholas II. A large group had formed in front of his palace and claimed that they would let themselves be shot if the demands of the people were not met, saying, "We do not regret this sacrifice, we are glad to make it." Among the demands were: The immediate release of all who have suffered for religious, political, and peasant disorders. Universal education financed by the state. Equality for everyone. The separation of church and state. Immediate freedom for consumers and trade unions. And the introduction of a minimum wage. It was the large number of these groups and the constant in-fighting amongst them that caused their strikes and protests to overthrow the Tsar to fail.
The Tsar and his elite began to understand that change was required before they lost complete control. By signing the October manifesto in 1905 Tsar Nicolas II turned Russia into a constitutional monarchy, gave its citizens civil rights and gave the Duma, Russia’s parliament legislative power. It wasn’t long before the 1905 revolution had died down, when Nicholas II disbanded the Duma and violated many of the civil liberties promises in the October manifesto. As a result of the Tsar reneging on his promises, by 1917 another revolution had begun, not only to highlight the lack food and civil rights as in the 1905 revolution but also from the violations of the October manifesto. In March of 1917 workers in Petrograd went on strike. Unlike the protests of 1905, the
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