1919 World Series

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From the beginning of time, greed and money has motivated man above all else. It seems that in the day that we live in, there is corruption and foul-play everywhere. I sometimes here my grandparents say that back when they were kids they didn't have to worry about crime and everyone did right naturally. I found this to be as untrue as I researched the greatest sports scandal of all time, The 1919 World series. Corruption, money, greed, power, and even organized crime were major factors in this landmark game of 1919. This proves that even America's pastime had it's lowest point. Heading into the Series of 1919, the White Sox were considered the best team of the 20th century. The Sox boasted a lineup that included three…show more content…
The players felt betrayed and began to think about playing to win. They won the third game 3-0 when rookie Dickie Kerr pitched a three-hitter. This act got the Rothstein and his men thinking that the players were serious about getting their money so before Game 4, Sullivan came up with $20,000 and promised $20,000 more if Chicago lost. Gandil split the $20,000 evenly among Risberg, Felsch, Williams and Jackson. Two players did not see a dime of that money, McMullen and Miller. Cicotte lost game four 2-0. Once again the promised $20,000 never appeared. The conspirators decided they'd been lied to enough and played to win, beating the Reds 5-4in game number six and 4-1 in 6 and 4-1 in game number seven. It all came down to the last game of the series. Game nine was the determining game and it seems that both the players and the gambling men had everything riding on that one game. This time Rothstein took matters into his own hands. A thug was dispatched to tell Williams, the Game 8 starter, that something would happen to him ,and maybe to his wife , if he lasted the first inning. The terrified Williams gave up four hits in one-third of an inning. The Reds dominated the game with a 10-5 victory to win the pennant. Afterwards there were newspaper stories suggesting that the series had been thrown, and even though the owners feared that was the case they denied every bit of it. If the word got out then it could ruin their ball
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