1920s Fashion Essay

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1920s Fashion
In the 1920s, fashion trends were the shorter low-waisted dresses and revealing styles worn by flappers. With their short-bobbed hairstyles and cloche hats, down to scarves and stocking with bold. The 1920s fashion strikes the design era for fashion by having change in the women’s fashion. The fashion changed and characterized the women in the 1920s, as they called it the roaring twenties the women started gaining their free rights and independence. Fashion for women had a positive impact in the 1920s and on the world today throughout the advancement in women’s rights.
Though out the years fashion has changed in different variety of ways in the 1920s by giving women the ability to change the way they act and look. “1920's
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“The term "flapper" first appeared in Great Britain after World War I.” (Rosenberg par 8). The flappers would wear knee length dresses with slits cuts into it so it was easier to move in, they wore lots of makeup and sparkles. The flappers only smoke and drink, but they also partied and dance a lot considering it was the jazz age as well. “The 1920s was the Jazz Age and one of the most popular past-times for flappers was dancing....” (Rosenberg par 24). Dancing was very popular and common for the flappers to be doing along with smoking and drinking. Women’s fashion was more of a revealing style of the 1920s from the effect of the jazz music and alcohol on society. The women of the 1920s weren’t the only ones who went through a fashion change, the men did also. After the war men’s fashion in the 1920s went through a positive transformation. The war changed the attitudes and the level of class, as the younger men switched forming wear the suits they adopted their own look. Men’s fashion in the 1920s was the start of men’s fashion, but only minor changes were changed in the menswear. “. Suit colors were mostly neutral with patterns, but the accessories popped with vibrant colors– just like they did for women’s 1920s fashion” (1920s fashion for men par 1). The suits were the biggest trend for men’s fashion in the 1920s, all the men had them. For day evening, office, or parties, a man always wore a suit. What’s different from the 1920s men’s suits apart from other
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