Essay about 1936 Berlin Olympics

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Maddie World History 4-17-13 In 1936, the summer Olympics were hosted in Berlin. Hitler was the chancellor of Germany at the time, and the Nazis were in power. Before the Olympics, German Jews had been segregated and discriminated against by Aryan Germans. The 1936 Berlin Olympics were not righteous, fair, or unbiased in any way, shape, or form. Through the Olympics, Hitler spread his anti-Semitic views to millions of spectators and athletes that attended the Olympics. The Olympics were an extremely controversial topic at this time, and resulted in many believing in Aryan superiority. Hitler concealed his anti-Semitic propaganda, but people were…show more content…
The conditions of the Holocaust were evoked by the Olympics because people unknowingly bought into Nazi propaganda because of how Germany hid their harsh, anti-Semitic propaganda, and because of how the Olympics were broadcasted around the world. A visitor to Berlin during this time shares their personal experience; “We arrived in Berlin Friday evening before the games opened on Saturday. We found Berlin in festive array. The great avenue Unter den Linden, was bordered on either side by the Nazi flags, posters of German towns, loud-speakers were spaced all along the broad center parking.”xii Upon arrival, tourists saw no direct anti-Semitic posters or harsh Nazi propaganda. 2 Germany seemed festive, and Germans innocent- they had taken down signs that said things like, “Jews not welcome here” as to not scare tourists away. xiii On the Olympic sports complex hung both Olympic flags and Swastikas, showing that what the Swastika's stood for and the Olympics were connected. xiv Not only were posters taken down to keep tourists in the dark, but certain laws (specifically, laws against homosexuality) no longer applied to those who were visiting Germany around the time of the Olympics.xv Visitors then had no
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