1939- 1945 Were Possibly The Worst Years In American History.

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1939- 1945 were possibly the worst years in American history. During this time, World War II was occurring. Adolf Hitler was in complete control. He even went outside the battle grounds to wreck havoc. He went to Babi Yar...the last place where Jews could hide.
Babi Yar is located in Kiev, Ukraine. During World War II, a massacre took place in the small town, killing more than 1,000 Jews. The Nazis attacked them on September 29, 1943. Afterwards, the war continued to rage, only to end in 1945. During World War II, Adolf Hitler rose to fame as the harsh dictator of Germany. Hitler would then form his own army, then known as the Nazis. The Nazis would go on to terrify Germany, then would go on to slowly take control of Europe. As most
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"During the massacre, over 1,000 Jews, Soviet Officials, and Russian prisoners were killed. They were executed at the Babi Yar ravine." ( The Einsatgruppen) The total count of people murdered at Babi Yar was 34,000. The total count of Jews murdered in World war II was 6 million. This massacre occurred towards the end of the war. Shortly after the massacre, the United States would jump in to save the day! They would help the Allies defeat the Nazis and their army. Hitler would still go on to terrify the rest of Europe after Babi Yar. The aftermath of Babi Yar is not a great one. "It took over 6 years to rebuild Babi Yar and everything that was destroyed at Babi Yar. Many shelters, homes, buildings, and personal stations were destroyed during the massacre. The Nazis showed no mercy." (Hjelnguard, Kim)

After the massacre, the Nazis tried to hide evidence that anything ever happened by covering the dead bodies with nothing but dirt and rock. The Nazis were convicted of what they tried to escape with, and some were caught. They not only tired to hide the bodies with dirt and rock, but they even burned them! When the remains were given to families, they were probably holding some stranger that they never even met, instead of their loved ones. Shortly after the Nazis were convicted, things slowly started going against Hitler and the Nazis. With the help of the United States, the Allies defeated the Nazis in what

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