1950-1960 Essay

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During the 1950's, the United States experienced great change with the end of World War II, making it difficult to label the busy decade. America was the most powerful nation in the world and it was a time of complacency. The United States accepted two new states, Hawaii and Alaska (www.fifties.com). The science world boomed with new inventions; televisions broadcast nationally; rock n' roll was popular; commercial hotel and fast food chains became common; the car industry exploded; vaccinations for measles and polio were discovered; and birth control pills were introduced (Layman VII). Another event in the 1950’s was the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which limited presidents to two terms in office. The 1950's "baby
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America also had incredible weapons, so awesome that they could destroy civilization, military leaders, and ultimately convinced other countries of their military superiority (Layman VII).

Although America was the dominant nation, other countries were contributing to America's growth and success. In 1955, Israel requested military aid from the United States to counteract the Soviet aid Egypt was receiving. This request confirmed just how powerful the United States military was during the 1950's era. Also, the reopening of Vienna State Opera House, after almost being destroyed by bombs and shells in the war, symbolized how the world bounced back from a devastating war (Layman 10). In addition to the Opera House reopening, fifty-nine nations contribute to the United States Trade Fair in New York. Many countries attempted to reach agreements and come to understanding with one another (Layman 15). Another example of attempted world peace was the Communist-sponsored World Youth Festival in East Berlin. It consisted of 500,000 youths from all over the world united to learn different cultures other than their own. This portrayed the large American youth population getting involved with other countries attempting to learn and accept other cultures (Layman 5).

During the 1950’s, all of Europe tried to recover from World War II. Germany separated into Western and Eastern Germany. Eastern Germany was given to Russia. While
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