1950's Cartoon Analysis

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The primary source that I chose are two different cartoons that show the change in the family life of the 1950’s. These two different views of women in these cartoons are brought together to show how post-war time changed the lives of single women and mothers from working women back to an ideal house wife life. The picture on the left is of Rosie, who was created as the new “working women”. Now that lots of the men in the family, who were the breadwinners are being sent out to war. The women of the family needed to step up to be the “breadwinners”, ordinarily there was no income coming in to the family without the husband. This shifts when the men come back from wartime, nevertheless are expecting to take their jobs back, which they ensure. The women are sent back to their homes to be once again the idea house wife. A person who combines these two cartoons together wants their audience to perceive…show more content…
As a women quoted in The American Promise “My Joe can’t put 5 kids through college… and the washer had to be replaced, and Ann was ashamed to bring friends home because the living room furniture was such a mess, so I went to work.” (Roark 730) This was becoming the normal for generally most families to have a “television set, refrigerator, and maybe one car.” (Roark 730) Consumer products grew drastically in these times, as a consequence pushed for families to keep up. Countless of families needed a second income to afford such luxuries. Even though it was hard for women to receive good paying jobs, in the book The American Promise is stated that “1/3 of all American Women held jobs by the end of the 1950s. However, full-time women workers earned only 60% of what the average male worker made.” (Roark 725) Generally people preferred traditional gender roles and the family life. Not many women challenged this preference society
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