1950s Fashion Fads

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1950’s Fashion Fad
FAD 202
Archana Raj (2200)
11th October, 2015

By every means the 50’s was considered as a golden era. The fashion of 1950s is characterized by the strong factor of conservatism and style for both – men and women.
The 50s flourished with fads especially in fashion. With the rise of media and culture influenced fad. Some of the people who influenced fashion fads were iconic celebrities like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor etc. Even though fashion fad was followed by everyone, most of them were young adults. Some of the most
1. Poodle Skirts
Created by an American actress, singer and fashion designer Juli Lynne Charlot, the story of the origin of poodle skirt dated back to 1947 when 25 year old Charlot wanted to wear a skirt for a holiday party in Los Angeles. Since she
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It was a faux fur lined skull cap with the tail of a raccoon attached. For girls, they made few variations i.e. the appearance was similar to the boys’ hat but instead is made of all white (possibly) rabbit fur and was named as Polly Crockett hat.
Image in the right is the Polly Crockett hat.
These caps sold at a rate of almost 5K at a day. But by the end of 1950s the fad started to fade and slowly vanished.
5. Hats
Just like how women had to wear gloves, men had to wear hats every time they go out. A man rarely walked in the streets without a hat. There was not just one but different types of hats and some of them were worn by women as well. Fedora
This hat was the most compulsory male accessory for formal clothing. Fedora hats are typically made of felts, furrowed lengthwise down the crown and pinched on both the sides. It’s very soft in texture.
A person with a fedora hat gives an impression that he is manly, confident, classy and mysterious.
Humphrey Bogart popularized the fedora hat in the 30s and 40s with his films but it became a mainstream accessory in the
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