1950's Music Motown: The History of Motown's Greatest Stars Essays

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This paper will be an updated version of my last paper which talked about a portion of Barry Gordy's background, Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Temptations and their start at Motown. How Motown was the first American music label owned by an African-American, the first music label to successfully market black artists to white mainstream audiences. How Motown was responsible for discovering, mentoring, and perfecting a lot of American popular music's most influential and successful artists and the best albums and artists and what new artists have entered Motown.

Berry Gordy Jr., the founder of Motown Records, was born in 1929 in Detroit Michigan, also known as the Motor City.
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Berry Gordy was also a songwriter, that’s how he linked up with Jackie Wilson, also known as “Mr. Excitement”. He had the chance to meet with a local aspiring singing group called “the Miracles”, which led him to linking up with William “Smokey” Robinson. Gordy and Robinson brainstormed on the idea of Motown, which is a name derived from the nickname of the city Detroit, “the Motor City”. Gordy co-wrote the song “Money (That’s what I want) by Barrett Strong. With the royalties he received from this song, he purchased a white frame house located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard with a sign reading “Hitsville USA”. This would be Motown’s headquarters for the next ten years. They built a studio in the garage which became the place where numerous smash hits were produced and recorded. Today Hitsville USA is now a museum. The museum was founded by Esther Gordy Edwards (Gordy’s older sister) in 1985. This museum is one of Southeast Michigan’s most popular tourist attractions. The museum is home to an array of Motown artifacts, pictures and other memorabilia. It is also a non-profit organization.
It wasn’t long before a whole swarm of new young talented artist such as the Marvelettes, the Vandellas and Marvin Gaye (died at the age of 44 on April 1, 1984 from a fatal gunshot wound to the chest which perforated his heart, from his father). They started to provide Motown hit after hit. Many of these hits were written and produced by Smoke Robinson. During this time the

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