1950's Radio History

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“Murrow had a profound impact on both radio and television. His ability to paint a picture with words brought him overnight success during his radio news reports from London during World War II. Advances in technology, including the use of radio and television for news and entertainment, forced Americans to think more about the country's role in global affairs. The 1940s was a decade that transformed the lives of millions and set the tone for future social, political and economic reforms in the U.S. ( The History of American Journalism). The advances in radio helped keep the population updated just as we do know. The radio was more often used for news broadcast than anything else because that’s exactly what the people wanted. In the 1950’s…show more content…
In 1972 WDAI softened its Progressive Rock a bit but still remained an Album Rocker until 1978 when Disco got morning man Steve Dahl up in arms. After the format change, he was later fired. Dahl went to WLUP and paired up with Garry Meier, through his "Coho Lips Army”. Dahl then mounted a vocal "Disco Sucks" campaign and was determined on demolishing WDAI (Development and Popularization of FM Radio). Dahl is a prime example of how you can express you emotions on-air, and he had a passion for playing his rock hits on the radio and didn't take it lightly when he got fired. Expressing your emotions on-air can sometimes get you in trouble but in most cases can attract a larger…show more content…
Putting work into their shows for up to 30- 40 years or more, gaining more and more listeners. For example Elvis Duran had his morning show for 30 years since 1996 called “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” being named the most listened-to Top 40 morning show in the US ( Elvis Duran Net Worth). Duran got reward for his hard work because the people enjoyed his entertainment throughout the years and still to this day. Broadcaster from both the 80’s and 90’s still are on-air today and only with DJs putting hard work and dedication can
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