1950s and 1960s: A Decade of Fashion and Fabrics

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Introduction The era of 1960s was the era of extensive change throughout the world of fashion and also the one that generated ideas and images which are still present as modern as today's contemporary fashion. Fashion previously had aimed to a specific market of wealthy and mature elite but now-a-days, the tastes and preferences of young people are at the focus. The decade started with the dominance from the Parisian designers who dealt with very expensive haute couture garments. The women apparel suits faced a structural change which resulted in shorter skirts and loosen up lines ("History of 1960s Fashion and Textiles"). London pop scene gave several ideas for the shape of clothes and the shape was soon to be transformed. The typical geometric shapes of 1960s were popularized because of the mod look in Britain. These looks were linked to musical taste and style of that decade. Skirts and coats with the flared A-line style were very in, in the mid-sixties. Brightly colored and slim fittings garments were sold in very cheap prices in boutiques all over the London city. This influenced Europe and United States of America as well. Sleekly styled men's suits were normally accessorized with bright and bold shirts. High-heeled boots were in fashion with the sleeker suits. Wider trousers and lapels defined the colorful and flashy look just like Tommy Nutter suit. Designers experimented a lot with very shiny and waterproof material with a very modern look. There were designers
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