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1960 Time Capsule Vickie Canzenza Kaplan University The first of the five items that were found in the 1960 time capsule was a newspaper with “Kennedy Assassinated” on the first page. Late in his brief term of a thousand days, Kennedy took up the civil rights issue because of the increased in violence in some of the southern states. He called for increased federal power so that voting rights could be enforced. The major civil rights acts included public accommodations opening and an end to job discrimination. (Salem, 2009) After the Bay of Pigs incident he became “hard line,” by appointing militant anticommunists…show more content…
There was little hope for a political solution regarding the racial divide (Spark Note, 2005) In March King, Ralph Abernathy and other SCLC organizers set up headquarters in a Birmingham's black neighborhood motel room, recruited volunteers for protest rallies and gave workshops in how to use nonviolent techniques. (Spark Note, 2005) On April 3 the campaign began with lunch-counter sit-ins. On April 6, protestors marched at City Hall; forty-two people were arrested. They had demonstrations each day after. Jails filled with peaceful blacks. King negotiated with white businessmen, because their stores were losing business because of the protests. Some of the businessmen were willing to consider desegregating their businesses and hiring African Americans but City officials upheld their segregationist policies. On April 10, they obtained an injunction to prohibit the demonstrations. This injunction came from a state court, not the usual federal court. King violated the injunction by adhering to the federal laws. (Spark Note, 2005) Getting the other leaders of the protest to violate the injunction took a lot of convincing by King. All of the protestors were arrested and the Birmingham police separated King from Abernathy by placing them in solitary confinement, they also denied them their phone-calls. (Spark Note, 2005) King spent eight days in his cell and composed his "Letter from a
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