1960 Torch Relay

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and the flame was carried thousands of miles across all continents at certain points. The Melbourne 1956 torch relay was unique in that it was the first to venture into the southern hemisphere, travelling from Singapore to Djakarta before taking to the air and calling in at a number of cities around Asia.9 Additionally, the Rome 1960 torch relay featured a number of ancient sites in Greece, Sicily, Reggio Calabria, Taranto, Naples and Rome, which highlighted the link between the modern and ancient Games.9 Lastly, for the Atlanta 1996 games, representatives of the host cities of the 17 previous Olympic summer games were gifted a lamp containing the Olympic flame as a celebration of the centenary of the modern games. This demonstration of each…show more content…
Some criticized this seemly heinous act, even calling it an attack against the United States as a whole. Nonetheless, this social movement took the world stage and prominently displayed inequality seen in our country. While this movement seemed to shock the US and the world, this was not the first nor the last time a country used the Olympic world state to mount a symbolic protest. In an article written by Patrick Cottrell, he discusses how China utilized the Olympics to protest and display a need for change in regards to power and basic human rights. Cottrell…show more content…
Initially these concepts seem counterintuitive: having a sense of peaceful unity and a passion to protest or evoke change. It could be assumed they just counteract each other completely. However, in order to achieve the unified spirit that the ancient Greeks set forth, there must be those warriors of justice knowledgeable enough to assure that this unity is in check, and not left as a glazed over utopian ideal. As countries unite in spirit for the Olympic games, this can open the doors for change, even in a political standpoint. But, at the same time, there are instances this change must be initiated first to achieve this ideal unity within all countries. By achieving this balance, the Olympic game are able to thrive, live on, and impact the globe beyond medal
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