1960s And 1970s Essay

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The decades that provided the most new information were the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Although there were a lot of launch failures, there was also many information about a variety of things and and plenty of missions that were successful. Over the course of a decade there was more than 90 missions and new information supplied from and by many diverse sources.
I think that NASA was conducting so many of these missions in these two decades because they were suddenly learning a lot more about space and finding large quantities of new information which was probably the result of or the work up to Apollo 11. It just seems that the 1960’s and the 1970’s were the most important years for the science and observation of space, planets, lots of extremely
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I believe that engineers are involved in every mission, so it wouldn’t make much sense to not have them participating in a mission such as this one. They are the people who build and make not only the basis of the robots but also the robots themselves. They make sure that the robots work properly and can be used for their designed purposes.
Our new understanding of the solar system and the technology we’ve developed through conducting missions has benefitted our society by helping us understand things about other planets, space, and most importantly help us understand more things about our home, planet Earth.
The knowledge about the other chosen ‘objects’ didn’t provide much more insight into my own.
Not a lot of the missions were related and but a fair amount of them did have the objectives to find more information on asteroids.
Asteroids and comets did actually share 6 of the same technologies. Those technologies are: WISE (NEOWISE), Rosetta, Galileo, Stardust, Deep Space 1, and Hedgehog.
I think that one mission could help to answer important questions about both comets and asteroids if on that one mission an asteroid and a comet was close enough to the technology for it to find and bring back information about both of
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