1960's an Interdisciplinary Approach Essay

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The year is 2325 and this researcher has come upon a time capsule entombed beneath a long forgotten memorial in Washington D.C. When this researcher opened the time capsule there was a note dated December 31, 1969 that read “Within this time capsule is evidence of a time gone by but within it is our hope for the future and we are hoping that whomever reads this in the future sees that our ideas about a peaceful, accepting and proud America have held true in the time that you open this humble box”.
This researcher removed five items all from the decade of the 1960’s; that hold great significance to the decade. The first item is a reel of film labeled “Walter Cronkite: Man on the Moon”. The second item was a bit curious; this item was a
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Born to a socialist father who was also an early advocate of women’s suffrage, from him Margaret Sanger inherited her political pluck. This woman spent her life helping women take control of their own bodies and be educated; she is responsible for the plight of women in being able to reversibly prevent pregnancy through the use of a drug she pushed to get created known as “The Pill”. Margaret Sanger was over 80 years old when the first pills became available and by the end of the 1960’s there were many millions of women using the new form of birth control even though the Catholic Church and some states considered it vulgar and obscene and outlawed the use in preventing pregnancy. Ultimately this progressive change in thought and culture to women being able to control their own fertility and therefore be able to work outside the home; this also created a counter culture “sexual revolution” where women felt freer to express their own sexuality without the fear of becoming pregnant – while others saw this a moral decay of individuals and family. Conclusively the majority of people are happy with the results of Margaret Sanger work to provide women with a safe and healthy choice in preventing pregnancy but other are happy that only part of her philosophies were adopted by

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