1967 referendum

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ATS1259 The 1967 Referendum The 1967 referendum was the repeal of section 127 and section 51 in the Commonwealth Constitution. With the repeal of these two sections the “Federal Government were allowed to make laws for Aborigines and Aborigines were now counted in the national census”(About the 1967 Referendum). The 1967 referendum can be commonly considered the turning point in Australian history and culture for finally addressing discrimination towards the Indigenous people and taking responsibility for Aboriginal affairs. However, some do not have the same representation of the results of the 1967 referendum because of the little improvement it has done for the Indigenous people. People have a negative representation of the…show more content…
The 1967 referendum also had many positive effects. The popular ‘yes’ vote, “was a high water mark for the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people”(Behrendt). In a time of discrimination, this had a big effect on the public. They were also able to realize the harshness Aboriginals dealt with and become aware of their situation and how the government neglected the indigenous people. The Freedom Rides led by Charles Perkins and a group of university students, “brought to the attention of people in the cities the crude and racist conditions that existed in places like Walgett and Brewarrina and garnered public sympathy for Indigenous issues.” (Behrendt). By bringing Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people together the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) started in 2006. Although this happened years after the Referendum, the referendum led up to organizations such as these. The RAP “These RAPs outlines practical actions the organization will take to build strong relationships and enhanced respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians…. RAP Program is about working with organizations across Australia to turn their good intentions into real actions”(Reconciliation Australia).
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