1970s Art Research Paper

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1970s and Art
Art has been displayed and sold for many, many years. Leonardo Da Vinci, creator of the Mona Lisa, was most definitely a well known artist. Did you know the most expensive piece of artwork was sold for $106.5 million dollars in 1932? Art is marvelous, astonishing, and said to be one of the best ways to express emotion and passion. .
1970s Historical, Social, and Political Events
In 1971, voting age changes from age 21 to 18, also known as the 26th amendment. This Amendment was formed during World War II when young men were denied the right to vote but were forced to fight for their country. The Watergate Crisis in 1972 involved President Richard Nixon. The Watergate Crisis was a Political scandal that happened in the United States
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The Mona Lisa is a famous painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci. Art today has been sold for millions of dollars. Art is believed to be a great way to express emotion. There are many famous artists in the world and there still is even today. There are also many different forms of art, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, and many others. Art is a great way to express someone’s personality, skills, and other characteristics.
How 1970s Events Impacted Art
In the 1970s, album art became a popular trend.. Music artists designed album covers to persuade the public into purchasing their music. Many music artists were also visual artists on the side. Marilyn Manson, John Lennon, and Miles Davis are great examples of music and visual artists. Graffiti became a new American art created by Black and Latino teens. Graffiti was considered vandalism at the time.In the summer of 1972, graffiti was introduced to upscale galleries in Soho, New York. Graffiti was now respected in the art world.
Art is a great way to show passion as well as emotion and thoughts. There have been many great visual artists and there still is today. Art has been around for a long, long time and will continue to be in our community for many more years to come. Art is created in many ways and is admired in different
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