1980s : The Decade That Made Us

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star Cieun Noh July 20, 2015 ENG 205 Ms. Shumate 1980s: The Decade That Made Us Over the past decades, America has grown and changed tremendously. For instance, the new knowledge on behalf of society empowers more female rights in the modern days. The advancement of technology has made connections of the social network possible throughout the world in seconds. And new science researchers allowed humans to travel to Mars and other planets. The TV mini-series 80s: The Decade That Made Us by National Geographic claims that 80s are the official decade that created the modern world. The decade touched base from sports heroes, computer development, video games, and many more. Tired of the beat from Afghanistan war, economic downfall, and bad news, America was in desperate time for a positive change. It is the 1980s that made it possible for people to feel good and filled many hopes on the American people. I agree with the National Geographic’s claim that 1980s played a key figure in influencing the current generation with the introduction of cell phones and technological developments. Before the 80s, most Americans could not imagine someone walking around talking to him or herself toward a portable cell phone. Anyone to even believed walking around talking to someone across the nation was crazy. Rich Ling, a mobile communication major explains in his book, The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone’s Impact on Society about his experience in the generation of 80s: “In my
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