1984 About Winston

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1984: Winston Smith The book 1984, by George Orwell, was written to poke fun at the idea of totalitarianism and utopias. A utopia is a perfect society in which there is no hate or displeasure, but because it is impossible to achieve, it is thought of as imaginary. A dystopia, which is 1984, is the opposite of a utopia and is a place with oppression, human suffering, and famine. The main character, Winston Smith, is initially against the party and big brother, which is totalitarianism. However, his mindset changes a few times throughout the book. Winston became more active in rebelling against big brother, changed his feelings toward the party ideals, but he still lives in the same area throughout the story. In part one…show more content…
This is proven later when they pass each other in the city and stop to speak, but neither of them wanted to meet again and they both knew they betrayed one another. Winston was sitting in the Chestnut Tree Café and was watching the telescreen announcements and felt excited, and then as he left he saw a poster of big brother, realizing he loved him and felt safe and secure. “He loved big brother”(Orwell 298). This is when he accepted big brother and the party into his life. Despite Winston’s vast mental and also physical changes he remained in the same place in the same city, accept now he enjoyed living in a place where he agreed with party and for him it might have been a utopia. Regardless, he could not have left if he wanted to, but he did not want to. He was content to live out the rest of his life in a location that he understands with people he understands. After his release, he spent most, if not all of his time drinking victory gin in the Chestnut Tree Café. “From fifteen to closing time he was a fixture in the Chestnut tree.”(Orwell 294) He sat at the same table and was really was a fixture like a table or lamp. He blended into the others inside the café who seemed to have gone through something similar to him. With his new found love for big brother, the telescreens and posters strewn everywhere probably made him feel great. The events in 1984 are conflicting, between the party, O’brien, Julia,
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