1984 And 1984 In 1984, By George Orwell

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While the existence of technology makes our life more convenience, it can also pave the way for dictator to suppress their power on the population. Technology can be used in so many ways to take control over the public. Likewise, in 1984 book written by George Orwell in 1948, Big Brother used technology to spread its influence over society and to monitor and manipulate citizens (Khanna, 2015). In every household and even public places like canteen contain a mental square telescreen, that could not be turned off completely. The telescreen is not just a useless mental, it contained a microphone inside which purposely placed to spy on every word the citizens say. The telescreen also enable the Thought police to watch every individual at any time…show more content…
In the revolutionize world, people can’t be scared by violent or threatening anymore, so dictator instead use technology to suppress their power and brainwash every individual. By doing this, they try to maintain their public image while taking control over the population. Likewise, in 1984, the Big Brother, instead of using force to make all the Oceania obey their command, they set up telescreens and cameras everywhere to keep track of individual’s every move (Orwell, 2008, p.2). Hence, even the Thought Police might not be watching all the time, as long as the telescreens were around, everyone would behave properly. They did not have to effort sending spy all over the country just to keep track of the population. Moreover, they use the telescreen to show people only the thing that could gain them more trust from the public. For instance, Gold Stein’s face were shown on the telescreen at the Two Minutes Hate with their enemies, the Eurasian Soldiers (Orwell, 2008, p.4), to brainwash the public that he was a traitor. This in fact happen in real life as well, dictators no longer limit the flow of information, instead they take advantage of technology such as television or radio by sending out their own information about domestics and foreign affairs in order to shape public opinion. These are the reasons why technology has become popular among the
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