1984 And The Book Thief: Movie Analysis

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"The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion"( Frederick Douglass). Rebellion is often viewed as an unlawful and corrupt act, but for the people rebelling, more often than not, it’s the only thing they have, and whomever they are rebelling against have bought it upon themselves because they left them no other choice.The novel 1984, by George Orwell, explores a state in where immense control and restrictions placed by the government makes people more likely to stand up and rebel in order to break free from the government’s oppressive chains and regain a sense of freedom. Similarly, the movie The Book Thief, directed by Brian Percival, follows the journey of young girl whose life is heavily afflicted due to Hitler’s totalitarian regime, and her struggles to find solace in more so unorthodox ways.…show more content…
Despite the differences between the two stories, both 1984 and The Book Thief portray a government where too much control and the constant pressure put upon the citizens from a higher authority, results in people rebelling in an effort to regain what the regime of the higher authority had originally taken from
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