1984 By Orwell: Literary Analysis

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As we are taken on the ride of evolution where everything is advancing if it were technological or the way we think, we need to stop and assess the current world we live in. Literary texts are carriers of civilization and act as lighthouses shedding light to issues that are pertinent to the human condition. 1984 by Orwell is a provocative text that has enabled me to critically evaluate our existence and consider how our world is somewhat governed by a totalitarian government. It has enabled me to see that people fight for liberty and may challenge the ideologies of their government to feel love and liberty. Let me begin by stating that 1984 is a cautionary satire warning and changing our perspectives on two simple concepts, privacy and control.…show more content…
A particular scene sees an “iron, cold” voice from behind a picture from the room with Winston and Julia in it. When the voice commands Winston and Julia to “Make no movement until you are ordered” imperative verbs are used. The mere presence of the “iron voice” immediately brings fear to Winston who could not “stop his teeth from chattering”. What about children acting as spies? The novel has allowed me to see the importance of love and how dehumanized the people of Oceania have become. However, Julia deifies her context by proclaiming the words “I love you” and their sexual act can be see as a political act. Later in part 3, where power and control are truly evident. Its ends with Winston entering room 101 facing his fear of rats, only known due to the telescreens, where the last words “He loved Big Brother” informs us that the Party had succeeded. This particular ending delivers a proper reality and challenges the standard hero fairytale. In doing so, it has shaken out the naivety in me exposing me to a more realistic view. This was the traumatizing part as they brainwash the prisoners to believe that 2 plus 2 equal 5. They implement instruments to control you and find out the truth in regards to
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