1984 Class Structure

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Humans always have had a tendency to allow the poor and miserable to suffer, even while the wealthy continue to fatten and flourish in needed yet often unshared resources. The social order has shaped a distinctive hierarchy composed of the High, the Middle, and the Low in an exceedingly flawed and callous structure. This system has been implemented in our history over a variety of ages and civilizations. More importantly, the structure has not been altered to work for any system except for theoretical Communism and Socialism. The novel 1984 was a shock to the masses when it was released, but by showing the class structure and political satire Orwell was able to present not only the danger of Communism gone awry but its repercussions on…show more content…
This is remarkably similar to certain viewpoints taken of the United States' philosophies on politics and the class system. According to Phillips, "… the erosion of the U.S. middle class in the 1980s and early 1990s reflected technological change and global economic upheaval. The Reagan administration introduced new philosophies, tentative and little understood at first, to justify policies of redistributing tax burdens, exalting markets, over rewarding the rich and the manipulations of finance…" Using the previous example from Kevin Phillips, one can see how the upper or high class will always attempt to gain more wealth and power, even at the expense of the common good as well as the majority. The peasants and other low classes have always been pressed on by their uppers. The Proles make up the majority of the population of Oceania, about 85%. The Party itself is only interested in their labor power, because the Proles are mainly employed in the industry and in the farms (Gerenser). A society cannot exist without a working class, and therefore it is the only reason why the Proles are still around. In 1984, Winston begins to realize that the Proles may have a simpler and easier life than that of the Party. While the Outer Party is working and
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