'1984 Commentary'.

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George Orwell 's 1984, is a novel about the life of Winston Smith living in a totalitarianism state where Big Brother has control, power and dominates the lives of citizens. There are many significant paragraphs which stand out in the book however I extracted the passage on pages 127, 128 from "Folly, Folly, his heart....." to "...the absence of a telescreen" because it has great literary insight and significant elements of symbolism behind it.(This is where Winston heard the prole women singing for the first time.) The first line starts of with "Folly, Folly" which is a repetition of the word twice. The word folly basically means the trait of acting stupidly or rashly. This depicts the protagonist 's emotions towards his opponent which…show more content…
In the next paragraph, is the description of how Winston spotted the prole woman singing. The 'window ' symbolizes a closure for freedom on the outside world. So basically, the women 'sings ' to the outside world as a call for freedom. The motif sun, used twice in the sentence, 'The June Sun was still high in the sky, and in sun-filled court ' represents how far light is at reach for the women and citizens of the country. The sun is a motif which represents light, brightness and hope which brings happiness, however it is out of reach therefore they still yet to live in the dark. The descriptions of the women, 'a monstrous women, solid as a Normal pillar, with brawny red forearms ' is visual image of how women and people living in the state are unattractive as there isn 't time to polish themselves and are only dutiful and filling their responsibilities for the Party. The prole woman is also seen as a reproductive virility as she is 'pegging out a series of square white things which Winston recognized as babies diapers '. The diapers represent the prole women giving birth to the future generation. The prole women 's children are a symbol for hope as Winston hopes that there will be change in the future with hope that the proles will eventually come to realization and rebel against and overthrow the party. The lyrics of her song foreshadows the future as it says, 'it was only a hopeless fancy, it passed like and ipril dye ' which
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