1984 Compared To Today

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Written by; george orwell and it's a political fiction novel of 1984 he wanted to know that
This novel is about the corruption omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation the superstate is under the control of the privileged elite of the inner party and government that persecutes individualism. When he wrote this book he wanted the readers to know that there are similar to today's society and 1984 like what was happening then is still happening now like all the bad things that happened then are still happening in today's society. The way that 1984 and the society that we are in today are similar is like how 1984 had big brother watching them so if they broke a law or rule than they have to suffer the consequences because they did something they were not suppose to do so for us today we have more than just one person that is watching us we have the president and the government and the police and more
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This novel made me realize that 1984 was important because everything that happened in 1984 is still happening today but i didn't realize that till after i read the book it helped me understand that not everything is that good because it's the same well not the same but similar to 1984 so basically when like parents talk to their kids about like back in the day and stuff and like they don’t care or don’t want to hear is because we don’t
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