1984 Comparison to Brave New World

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Mindless Robots It is interesting how individuals are those who make the greatest advances in mankind, yet it is human nature to want to be a part of something, to conform to those around them. Those who go against their basic instincts and think out loud are those who are first considered mavericks or protestors but over times become heroes to future generations. Which is why being an individual is the greatest think one can be. In both Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell individuals are punished or casted away from society as they are a danger to the artificially created stability which lies within these societies. In these dystopias measures have been taken to insure individual thinking is no longer possible.…show more content…
This is inequitable because it goes against the will of the individual; it is unjust to instill a new way of thinking simply because it is more convenient to the government. It is unjust because humans are unique creatures, it is essentially what makes humans the dominant race, however if individuality is removed by instilling a new way of thinking, humans simply become machines wired by the biased opinions and beliefs of a minority population. For these reasons individuality Brave New world also takes place in London; the year is A.F 632(After Ford). This society worships their one god, Henry Ford, the creator of the production line. They encompass his legacy by using a modernized version of the production line to create human life. The center of hatcheries creates thousands of artificially created babies each year. Each baby starts of as an embryo and depending on the pre-chosen caste will be conditioned and nurtured accordingly. Once hatched the babies are conditioned to fit perfectly into their caste, each night they are exposed to recordings of a human voice, speaking suggestions of the government. This technique is called hypnopædia and is essentially recordings of short messages and suggestions created by the government which are repeated thousands of times while the children are sleeping. The book starts off with the Director of hatcheries giving a tour of the facility to a group of new students. The director explains the
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