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Welcome again to another great issue of the one and only, Oceania magazine. We hope that you are picking this up to read and absorb the wonders of our great nation perhaps while walking to work, or while sitting at home drinking some victory coffee. We know that Hate Week is coming up so we have dedicated a large portion of this issue to talking about what everyone should expect this year. I know that most of you that are reading this are itching to turn the page and get into it so let me leave you with a few thoughts. For as long as I can remember I have been lucky enough to wake up everyday in the beautiful land of Oceania. Some may take it for granted that our nation is so beautiful and that our leader is so forgiving and considerate, but…show more content…
Whether it’s thoughtcrime, or choosing to have sex with a prostitute, it’s unthinkable to us that someone would ever do such things. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated. We can tell you that thinking outside the box, changing routine, or even writing down thoughts can land you in hot water. If you are found guilty of doing any of these horrible crimes you will find yourself at the hands of the Thought Police. We must thank the Thought Police, as they protect us from all of the unloyal and filthy traitors. Always remember that Big Brother is watching, and you don’t want to disappoint him. Rations and War Now as we near the end of our time together for this issue, we say hello to the important things. As most of you know the rations this year for food have been incredible and are up 45% compared to last year! Chocolate rations have hit an all time high and you should expect to hear a lot more about coffee very soon. Razor blades are hard to come by at this moment, but you can rest assured because your government is here for you! Wartime surrounds us as we advance our front lines against Eastasia. We can do our part by shouting and screaming at Hate Week, and uniting and putting our faith into Big Brother, because with him in command, we know victory is always close. We hope this issue of Oceania Magazine has been helpful, and informative. See you next time friend and remember, All Hail Big
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