1984 Dystopian Society Essay

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In the year 1944, famous author, George Orwell, composed a novel about a dystopian society called 1984. Telescreens that could see and hear everything someone did, children who turned in their parents for ideas about overthrowing the government, and a clueless society surviving on only what the government told them were the main problems in Orwell 's novel. Orwell 's purpose for writing this novel was not as a prediction of what the future of society would look like, but more as a warning. He warns of the problems with advanced technology and a growing need for power among the government. This futuristic novel, about advanced technology consuming the lives of the people, brought forth many concerning thoughts about the future of society.…show more content…
This is only a concern for those that have cell phones, but when will the time come when everyone, just like with telescreens in the novel, is required to carry a cell phone to “benefit” them? Technology is used constantly to keep people and their minds busy. “Downtime is an opportunity to fill our mind with mostly irrelevant media that does nothing to enhance the quality of our lives” (Beres, “Is Technology Destroying Happiness?”). The government 's goal with technology is to keep the people busy enough and just smart enough that they don 't start to question the purpose of the government. Another problem with technology is, “popular technology, despite its claim to interact and connect, breeds isolation” (Fitzpatrick, “A School Without Screens”). Most of today 's public doesn 't know how to interact face to face because technology has taught them it 's okay to hide behind a screen. Technology may be the only thing more powerful than the human race. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” (Orwell 35-36). Technology brings power to those who control it. In the novel, the Party is the controlling group and they control what the public thinks about the past, present, and future. It wasn 't enough for the Party to have physical control over the people they wanted to control thoughts.Throughout 1984, the Party constantly “thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened” (Orwell 35) and the
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