1984: Dystopian Society

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1984 Essay George Orwell’s 1984 novel is a great story about a dystopian society. In this society, Winston Smith lives a miserable life under the control of Big Brother and the Party. Throughout the novel he struggles with his own thoughts about the government and wants to rebel. Along his self-struggle he meets a girl named Julia who also shares some of his rebellious beliefs. They embark on a mentally trying journey to rebel against the government and end up getting caught for committing thought crime. Once caught, they’re tortured into full submission of Big brother. In this novel the theme of a self-serving government is introduced. Orwell establishes the government’s actions as self-serving rather than benevolent through the Party’s use of Double-think, Propaganda, constant surveillance, and living conditions. The government’s actions are shown to be self-serving through the government’s use of double think. Double think is the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time. This is a hard concept to understand but basically prohibits citizens from being able to think for themselves. The party forces the members of society to believe whatever they feel is best for the party’s control through brainwashing them into believing something contradictory to their own thoughts. An example of this in the text is…show more content…
This theme was developed through the Party’s use of doublethink, forcing society’s members to believe what the government wanted no matter what is actually true. The theme was also developed through propaganda: the paradox slogans and brand names. The lack of privacy members had also contributed to the idea that the government was not benevolent. Now last but not least, the horrid living conditions they were forced to live in and physical discomforts supported the theme that the government was

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