1984 Essay

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Although a society based on hate can survive, it is highly unlikely. In 1984, by George Orwell, the party kept the people under full control by brainwashing them. This is not realistic because in today’s world someone, whether it be another government or the people living in this society, would end it. People of today have been taught that they have rights and if those rights are taken away, something isn’t right. There are many examples on why a society could not thrive purely on hatred, some of which are present in 1984, The Lives of Others, and the real world. The society Winston and Julia live in in 1984 is a society based on hate. The evidence to back that up would include O’Brien, at the end of the novel, telling Winston there is…show more content…
Another prime example as to why societies based on hate couldn’t last is the German film “Lives of Others.” This is a film based on a true story that happened in East Germany before the wall fell. It is about a playwright named George and how the Stasi had one of its members bug the house, hide out in the attic, and report on everything that George and his friends said. This would have worked, but the Stasi member began to realize the corruption of the government and ceased his reports on George. The Stasi member goes to the length of breaking into George’s house to hide a type writer used to write and article against the government so when the Stasi searched the house, it wouldn’t be there. This is an example as to why a society can’t survive on hate by showing that even members of the government will begin to realize the corruption of the wrong-doings by the government and eventually go against them. Also, in East Germany, the wall eventually did fall, along with the government, which led to an oppression-free government. Although countries can get away with oppressing their people, it usually ends in failure because the people realize their rights or the government members realize how bad the things they are doing to their own people really are. Other examples as to why societies based on hate would eventually fall are present in the real world as well. A well-known example would be the Holocaust.
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