1984 Essay Historical Perspective

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1984 Essay Historical Perspective

Many historical events have occurred in the past years that are occurring today. Similar events happened in the years of 1948, 1984, 2014. Dystopia has been shown in many types of governments throughout the years of 1948 to 2014. Hitler for example showed a dystopian type of government where hatred towards jews and propaganda played a big role in his government. The book named 1984 written by George Orwell, has a historical perspective. Orwell published the book in 1949. This shows that Orwell predicted that propaganda will never end and will keep surviving till the end of this world. Propaganda has also played role in today's world. In all years of 1948, 1984, and 2014, propaganda hugely affected the people while dystopia in governments were common and occurring.
In the year of 1948 many events happened that showed dystopia and propaganda in the governments. During the year of 1948, The cold war was occurring and World War II had ended a few years ago but the effects of it was still harming the countries. After World War II, many countries were still rebuilding all their damaged country. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were both bombed and had to be completely rebuilt. The cold war which was going on in 1948 was a war where no bullets were shot. It was all espionage between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviet Union wanted to spread its ideals of communism the whole world while the United States was trying to promote democracy to
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