1984 George Orwell Freedom Is Strength

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In ruinous London where Winston works for the Ministry of Truth. The Ministries were the acting government that rules the way they lived, with a total of of four. There was the Ministry of Truth with dealt with news, entertainment, education and the arts. Then the ministry of peace which dealt with war, the Mistry of love which dealt with law and order, and finally the Ministry of Plenty which dealt with economics of the land. The leader of the government, Big Brother, was always watching you, and it us up to you as a citizen of Big Brother to report anyone (that could be your wife, friend, neighbor even parent) acting suspicious. Their slogan popped up around town were to remind the people what the government stands for: “WAR IS PEACE / FREEDOM IS SLAVERY / IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (17).…show more content…
Winston Smith at age thirty-nine, did not remember what happen before the party took over (and could not look it up in a history book as the party changed the past based off their current image) but knew this was not what life was supposed to be. Separated by a wife he did not even want; Winston starts off the story by breaking the law. Purchasing a diary Winston began to jot down his thoughts and feelings about his life, a crime punishable by death. Winston then meets Julia, a young girl he instantly hated because of the lust he felt from her, knowing it was against the law to ever be with her. The Minister of Plenty installed a new saying: “Our new, happy life” (60), as Winston prepares to openly rebel against the party, willing to do anything for
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