1984: Is Technology Used By Big Brother?

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“Privacy, he said, was a very valuable thing. Everyone wanted a place where they could be alone occasionally.” Through the power of social media, instant news, and the current technology revolution; our society is becoming parallel to the society of Winston Smith in 1984. The surveillance technology used by Big Brother similarly replicates the same technology used in the 21st century; however, as the years go on, our technology improves and somehow Big Brother really is watching us. However, the real question that many Americans are concerned with today is if Big Brother really might be watching us, what can we do to stop it?

In 1984, Orwell discusses Oceania as a totalitarian government. The technology used by Big Brother replicates to
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Through these telescreens, the Thought Police- government force working for Big Brother- arrest citizens who they think might be joining the Brotherhood- the resistance fighting against Big Brother. This type of technology forms the basis for the technology used in the 21st century. In the United States, as well as other developed countries, privacy is becoming a restriction not a freedom. The technology we use today has led to many investigations about what others know about us. For example, Snowden publicly disclosed that the NSA was secretly recording millions of phone calls being made throughout the US. There are also many other issues citizens have with technology and the privacy issues following it. Recently, many computers have been able to publicly record people through the built in camera. Furthermore, the scariest thing about privacy is that many hackers are able to duplicate someone else’s identity for their personal benefit. Indeed, 1984 is extremely relatable to the current situation most of America is facing. We don’t know how much of our privacy has been leaked to 3rd party affiliates or even the Black Market. Orwell was on the right track of predicting the future. As stated in Orwell’s novel, it starts from the telescreens and no one knows where it
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