1984 Journal Entry

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Journal entry #1 The world in which Winston Smith lives in is very frightening. It is very unlikely that people from the world we live in would survive for long living in it. I think it is an awful time to be alive because you have no freedom at all. Winston is in the worst possible position, he is in the Outer Party. He is being monitored at all times and he can only cooperate. It seems that the proles and the Inner Party are much better off. I think that this is true because nobody cares about the proles and they can do what they want. The bad thing about them is that they are very poor and have no money. We don’t really know much about them. Maybe just like any other animal they have adapted to the bad conditions and somehow they are…show more content…
I think George Orwell knew about this and used it to keep the events interesting. But this also lets us see Winston from a different perspective. I was really anticipating the moment when Winston would meet with O’Brien. I was feeling positive towards O’Brien from the moment when him and Winston crossed eyes. He is one of those people who have a lot of power and could be of big help to Winston, if he actually is unorthodox. The author built up the suspense and made me impatient to see what would happen when they finally meet. And the moment of the meeting I gained a lot of hope for our main character. When O’Brien said that the Brotherhood was real I actually thought that the novel was building up to the part when there will be a civil war. I was expecting to see one happen with Goldstein as the leader. Many of the predictions that George Orwell made are actually coming true in our lives. Today we have cameras that capture the lives of citizens as they go about their business. Also computer records store data for everybody and this includes health records, work, families, shopping habits etc. The Internet gives information into the private lives of people and glimpses into their homes. “1984” reminds me of a book series called “The Hunger Games”. The setting and story are very similar in many aspects, the difference being that “The Hunger Games” is aimed
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