1984 Love Analysis

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In the dystopian novel 1984, we are presented with a twisted view of marriage and love. In the nation of Oceania, the Party works and manipulates it’s members to destroy feelings of love and affection for anything but Big Brother and the party from the lives of everyone in the dystopian society, like Our main character, Winston, and his love interest, Julia. In many ways, it is successful in doing so. It causes Winston's marriage to his previous wife, Katherine, to be a failure from the stand points of love and reproduction, which ultimately ends in separation for the two. Even discreet and quiet affairs that could go unnoticed by the party at first, like Winston and Julia's, are eventually stopped. The strongest love that remains in Oceania is ultimately the love for the party and Big Brother, and in Winston’s case, his love for O’ Brien, who tortured him. This love is displayed by Winston on several occasions throughout the novel and remains prevalent, even when O'Brien tortures Winston with his greatest fears. The novel leaves us with the knowledge that Winston ultimately confesses his love for Big Brother and gives up as well as feels indifferent towards his past love interest, Julia. This love is the only love approved by the Party. The party’s ability to destroy love so easily leaves us seeing a love that is unnatural and terrifying. I shows us that the party will stop at nothing to control every last part of their citizen’s lives.
To begin, the Party removes love from
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