1984 Motif In 1984

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Information control – is another motif that helps to create the oppressive serve of totalitarianism. Winston, the protagonist, works in the Ministry where he controls and revises all the information. Telescreens – the telescreen in the novel reminds the citizens they are away under observation.It’s a very useful part of technology that helps the regime. Thought control-is a present motif of totalitarianism regime the people under full surveillance. The Party’s control is so powerful they are even available to control people’s thought. If they express their personal thought they will be punished. Vaporization-if the citizens of Oceania break the rules or detect something against the Party, they get vaporized. 9. Symbols Big Brother - is the…show more content…
He buys paperweight to remind him the past. St.Clement’s church picture - is another symbol connected with the past. The picture reminds Winston the old songs which Winston sings sometimes in apartment. But behind the saint object, lies the telescreen which leads Winston to the Thought Police. Red-armed prole woman – symbolizes the hope. Winston thinks that the proles are the last chance to destroy the Big Brother, but unfortunately they are not capable to figure out the amazing chance in their hands. The place where there is no darkness – symbolizes the hopeless dream of Winston. The place where there s no darkness is supposed to be a paradise and not a porcelain glittering…show more content…
Plot, characters, conflicts, themes, motifs and symbols are the parts I worked on them. The ideas Orwell used to characterize the dangers and weakness of advanced communism are just amazing. The plot develops slowly and quietly until the third part when the eventual development is intensified. Here I saw a desperate man who struggles to say yes to his dreams. While reading I was rather “ exposed’’ to Party’s regime, often wondering what if I was instead of Winston. When we analyze the characters I found it very intriguing.The characters are not very developed except four major characters the others were minor.While the author tries to warn the people about the dangers of this regime,he chooses the failing unheroic protagonist. He was messaging the people to be aware of every step they do against the power,that’s why I think he chose Winston as the failing protagonist figure .The conflicts were unavoidable because of the oppression tha state has over the citizens. Here we got the message to be careful in solving the conflicts, especially when the conflict are concerned against the the
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