1984 Prole Analysis

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War is defined as bloodthirsty, armed conflict that causes chaos and destruction in it’s wake, no matter if the intentions were for the better of society or not. However if the proles would have stood up to the tyrannical government in Orwell’s 1984, they would have a war scenario that could have saved all of Oceania from the Party and Big Brother’s well fortified on the population.. “But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire.” (Orwell, 70) This quote sells an idea that if the proles knew how to rebel, they would be successful. The problem with the current population is that we are almost “immune” to what is going on in the world around us and that makes us just like the proles. “The real story is not "Islamophobia" but American tolerance…” (D.C. Watson) Instead of Americans being scared of all Islamic decent, we should focus more on the ones who are in cooperation with Islamic State. And since our government plans on expanding their…show more content…
But we do have a full scale, and still operational naval base in Cuba by the name of Guantanamo Bay or “Gitmo” for short. Guantanamo is a lot like the Ministry of Peace. They both are associated with the aspect of war and war or “thought” criminals. “The Party prisoners were always silent and terrified, but the ordinary criminals seemed to care nothing for anybody.” (Orwell, 226) This quote proves the worst of the worst criminals get sentenced to these locations. The internment camps based on biased fear were not necessary, but Guantanamo Bay, based on true facts, is needed for the protection of the United States. At Gitmo, “the inmates are said to include bomb makers, terror financiers, bin Laden bodyguards, and al-Qaeda commanders.” (Mirror) To solve the issue of knowing when and if detainment bases like these are needed would be the basic need for hard evidence provided of the attack or
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