1984 Questions

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Chapter 1 Questions Sections I-II 1. Describe Victory Mansions. Why is the name ironic? Victory Mansions, Winston’s home, is a smelly, run-down place with no electricity in the daytime and an inoperable elevatior. It is certainly no mansion. 2. Describe Winston Smith. Frail, blonde, 39, blue overalls, nervous, depressed 3. What kind of invasion of privacy exist in Oceania? The two-way telescreen, the Police Patrol swooping down in helicopters to peer in people’s windows, the constant fear of being targeted as an enemy by the Thought Police, the posters of Big Brother with reminders the “Big Brother is Watching You.” 4. What are the three slogans of the party? War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength 5. What…show more content…
3. What happened in Winston’s dream about the Golden Country? The dark-haired girl from the office flung off her clothes in a wonderful defiant gesture. 4. What is Winston’s primary task at work? To rewrite articles from the past so that the Party appears to never have been wrong; to eradicate names of those who have been vaporized. 5. According to the Party, has Oceania always been at war with Eurasia? Yes. According to Winston? No. 6. How is reality control an example of doublethink? It requires the belief that what is true NOW was always true, and that the past has not been altered. 7. Discuss Syme’s words, “Orthodoxy in unconsciousness.” Are there important concerns in our world to which you or other people are unconscious or oblivious? Answers may vary. 8. How does proletarian literature differ from that produced for Party members? Proletarian literature is concerned with rubbish- sports, astrology, sex, and sentimentality; Party literature is a bit more intellectual, although it is complete propaganda. 9. Who is Comrade Ogilvy, and what does he symbolize? He is a made-up model citizen. He is a symbol of the party’s dishonesty, since he does not exist, yet people believe he does. 10. Why does Winston think Syme will be vaporized? Because he is too intelligent. Why does he think Parsons won’t? He is too stupid. What do you imagine Parsons’ handwriting – “the neat handwriting
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