1984 Totalitarianism Analysis

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Totalitarianism In George Orwell’s 1984 In George Orwell’s Oceania, Big Brother reshapes every person to be a model citizen. In order to be a model citizen, one must follow the countless strict rules and worship Big Brother. By not following the rules, Big Brother vaporizes the criminals, which means that they kill them and then, they are never spoken of again. The slightest mistake could ruin one’s life; even thinking the wrong thought. One of the many crimes is thought crime. The Thought Police essentially kidnaps all those who commit thought crime and reshape them to worship Big Brother. In 1984 The Party reshapes Winston Smith into a model citizen after hating the Party and Big Brother. This is an example of one’s thoughts and feelings being suppressed by the government. In George Orwell’s 1984, totalitarianism negatively affects the citizens of Oceania by destroying relationships and suppressing thoughts, feelings and relationships between the people. Imagine not being able to openly speak about beliefs and loves. This becomes reality in Oceania. Big Brother takes away all individual feelings and belongings. Everyone is reconstructed into believing every little thing told by Big Brother. All characteristics are forgotten and personal feelings are gone. Thinking about individual thoughts is forbidden; if one is found thinking against the Party, they will be doomed to face the consequences. The Thought Police use fear against the citizens to change their minds from a

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