Essay about 1984 and Brave New World

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1984 and Brave New World

Undoubtedly, the thought of living in, or forming a utopian society has flashed through nearly every person’s mind. A few people have even tried to make this ideal dream society a reality. Unfortunately, within the pursuit of these societies the leaders become corrupt and begin to become paranoid with the fear of rebellion. Hundreds of people were murdered during the reigns of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in what they considered measures to maintain peace and stability within their respective “perfect” society. One must also consider the hardships that the citizens were forced to endure while living under these oppressive governments.

This dream of forming and maintaining a utopian society was
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George Orwell obviously meant to portray a negative utopia in the novel 1984.

Although the novel Brave New World is comparable to 1984 as both are views of a totalitarian government which attempts to provide its citizens with a utopian society, they differ drastically as Brave New World could be perceived as a positive utopia (in contrast to negative one in 1984). There are many drawbacks in this future society such as its lack of individuality and loving relationships, which include not only the love expressed within the confines of a family but also the love shared between partners in a marriage. Humans were treated as laboratory experiments; created using the Bokanovsky process…embryos are like photograph film, they can only stand red light. On the other hand, though, the citizens were allowed a great deal more freedom than those living in the 1984- society experienced. Peace and stability within this society is maintained not by force, but through a much simpler and more ingenious solution, the caste system.
Every member of the caste system is truly happy with their lives, from the lower three castes whose lives consist of meaningless jobs like elevator operators to assembly line workers to the intellectual alpha’s who were the thinkers and consumers of the society.
This is a much more peaceful way of maintaining the stability of the populace. Since every member of the society is truly content with his or her lives this is a positive
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