1987 Stock Market Crash

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Lessons Learnt in Engineering and IT--Background Research Report Textual Analysis
“A Brief History of the 1987 Stock Market Crash with a Discussion of the Federal Reserve Response” is a documentation written by Mark A. Carlson and was published in November 2006. Mark finished his B.S. in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1996 and further completed his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Berkeley in 2001. The author’s nationality is American and currently working as Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve. The source is searched from an official federal website through google scholar. Therefore, it can be said that the contents of the following documentation are academically reliable. The purpose of this textual analysis is to determine if the document is acceptable for using in Lesson Learnt case study. The analysis begins with assessing the dependability of the following document and going through a brief overview of the main content and afterwards relating it to the semester topic and clarifying differences in research.
The topic of the document is to review the events corresponding to the crash, a brief history regarding the factors contributing to the severity of the 1987 stock market crash and several solutions carried out by the federal reserve in the time of crisis throughout the event. The initial information was given by
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Moreover, the stock market crash in 1987 was a shock of stability of the financial system, not only because of the substantial price drop but also, we can clearly see that our functioning systems are significantly flawed and can later be perfected for a better future. Therefore, we learnt more than technical flaws, further improvements of our daily systems have to be made for a better
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