199'0's were the Decade of Superiority

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The music, technology and the way technology was used advanced and changed how everything is to this day. If the achievements of the 1990’s never happened we wouldn’t be where we are in society to this day. Looking back at the 90’s, its far superior over any other decade because of the great music, the amazing invention of the internet and creation of Google that were all familiar with. In October 1969 two teams of computer scientists, linked computers over telephone lines to operate as a single system. The U.S. military supported the research, hoping to get communications that would work even if part of the system were disabled or destroyed in a nuclear attack. Which turned into the genesis of the "Internet Age." In the 90s the Internet changed every aspect of the daily life. Anyone with a computer, telephone, and modem literally had a digital library at their fingers. As the 90's came to an end a new kind of technology was beginning (Malvasi, Mark G., Greene 1).
The 1990s was a time of such tumult and confusion as far as the Internet was concerned that no one could agree on what was happening, let alone about what the future was likely to bring. Since 1994, when the World Wide Web made
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The Internet more accessible, all the formerly immutable truths about business have been called into question. In 1997, for instance, Yahoo! Inc. was nothing more than a Web…
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