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Tamara Singh APUSH 1993 DBQ Essay The 1700 hundreds was a time for people’s imaginations able to soar free in their heads and see the “New World” for all its infinite possibilities. There were many reasons for people to look for refuge or wealth in the newly discovered world. Some wanted to escape from harsh laws and strict religions of the European government, and others went for glory and money. When the new colonies like Jamestown was formed, so was two new societies. Both areas were settled for different reasons. The different reasons led to distinctive social, political, economic, and cultural hardships and rewards. The New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies are prime examples of two different societies at the…show more content…
People were not very united in their communities and yet most of the colonists were righteous and pious people. The communities were lead by a good strong leader, like their ships commander. The government had to report all to their king (Document G) and also had very little real power of the people it ruled (Document H). This lead to many revolts such as Bacon’s rebellion in 1676. The colonists were also not on good terms with the Native Americans. Not like in the New England area, where they relied on the Native Americans. The settlers were pushing the limits of the treaty boarders. When the government tried to settle the quarrel, a rebellion was created and forever driving a knife between the hopes of a united community. The Chesapeake Bay was big in trading. This kept the colony thriving. They traded things like tobacco to Europe for supplies. They were semi sufficient but partially relied on the trade for money and necessities. New Englanders migrated as families, and family was the source of New England life. This contributed to the difference between the Chesapeake region and the New England region. The New England colonies were a completely different story. The New England colonies were formed by large groups of English families and some from other countries. These people came to the new world for a new start. They sailed the seas in large family units and followed their leader from their

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