1994: My Birth Year

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Renee Marquez
Mrs. Melban
February 19, 2013

1994 I thought my birth year was special all because of my birthday? After all these years I’ve never realized other important events that had happened on my birth year. There are so many interesting events that had happened on my birthday. It was very hard to choose from many interesting subjects such as sports, movies, and actors/actress. My decision that I chose was to do a combination and pick 3 of the most interesting subjects that happened during the year of 1994. At first I wanted to do events on my exact birthday September 23, 1994, but they did not have very interesting events so I had the choice of doing events on the year of 1994.

One major event that took
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These events where more interesting, because all these topics and subjects related to me in many different ways. They relate to me because these are something’s that I enjoy and admire in my life. After looking and searching I found out much helpful information about these events that I did not know about. Therefore I hope that this information was helpful towards my essay.

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