19th Century Imperialism

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In the late 1800s, and early 1900s,imperialism affected many societies throughout the world. There were different point of view on imperialism depending whether it’s from an imperialist from itself or from colonized people.Imperialism is when a strong country conquers and takes over a weaker country. The area that is taken over is known as a colony.During the 19th century (1800s), many nations such as Great Britain, France, Germany,Italy.and Japan took over lands throughout Africa and Asia. These nations adapted this ruling idea from the white man's burden which is a poem that encourages European nations to improve the colonized country they took over with their religious beliefs and custom. Also they adapted from social darwinism which was the idea that it was natural for strong countries to take over weaker countries.The Imperialist power views their power over peoples to be beneficial to both themselves and to the people of the nation, whereas the colonized people believe the involvement of the imperialist power to be both unnecessary as well as oppressive.With these different perspective it increased the growth of imperialism over the societies. The road to imperialism in India began with the formation of a joint-stock-company called the British East India Company, and resulted in complete British control. For the British,gaining power in India gave them an opportunity for economic growth.India was taken over by Great Britain and ruled for almost 200 years. According to document 5, it states that “This was followed by vigorous attempts to restrict and crush Indian manufactures by various measures and internal duties which prevented the flow of Indian goods within the country itself.British goods meanwhile had free entry and the Indian textile industry collapsed.” This shows that Britain was the major trading nation with India and claims it was all for the goods of India.However Indians felt this was wrong and there was no reason for the Britain to treat them this way.The actions made by Britain caused the Indian Sepoy Rebellion in which India tried to gain independence from Great Britain but they failed.Later on a powerful Indian leader named Mohandas Gandhi,helped India to gain Independence from
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