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Case Study and Treatment Recommendations Evonne Moore Liberty University NAME: Rosa Lee Cunningham DOB/AGE: October 7th, 1936—52 DATE OF INTERVIEW: 04- 05-2015 EVALUATOR: Evonne Moore REASON FOR ASSESSMENT: Rosa Lee Cunningham is a 52 year old African American women with an addiction of heroin. Rosa Lee grew up in poverty. Her mother and father were sharecroppers who had migrated to the city. Rosa Lee had eight children, six boys and two girls. She was 14 years old when she had her first born. While pregnant with her first child, Rosa Lee dropped out of school without having the ability to learn how to read. At the age of 16, Rosa got married. Because Rosa Lee didn’t have a productive role model in life, she…show more content…
She doesn’t seem that interested in getting to know people, as much as she is interested in keeping money to survive and supporting her habit. Due to the lack of love Rosa received from her mother she had no motivation to stop what she was doing and change for the better. Occupational functioning: Rosa isn’t currently employed. She did work as a waitress but she mostly prostituted and sold drugs to bring in the income for her family. For Rosa Lee not having much education she doesn’t have any job perspectives. Due to the lack of knowing how to read, Rosa made money the best way she could. Financial Aspects: Rosa Lee has no real job. But she makes money with drug dealing and being a prostitute. With aspects of fulfilling her primary obligations, Rosa Lee has been commonly late in paying her bills. As a result, many services get cut off. Rosa is unable to manage her finances due to her addiction. She doesn’t know how to prioritize what’s important and what not. Rosa Lee puts her habit of hers and her children’s drug supply in front of the needs of food for everyone, or money for the utilities. “All thought the procedure(s) by which heroin addicts obtain their money has changed over the years, the process has not: Heroin addicts must still feed their “habit” every day” (Doweiko, 2012, p. 159). Legal history of: Rosa has been arrested many times for stealing, prostituting and selling marijuana. Once she was arrested for possession of

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