1)With Reference To Your Own Organisation, Explain How

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1) With reference to your own organisation, explain how Porter 's 'Five Forces ' theory might apply to the industry that it works within. 2) Making use of the 'Generic Strategies ' framework (Porter), describe which approach most closely aligns to you own organisation, and suggest how and why they have pursued this, with reference to examples where appropriate. Porter’s Five forces 1. Introduction: Porter’s five forces Porter describes the five forces analysis as a market analysis tool to define the industry structure. Porter identifies the Five forces, as the potential entrants, the bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power of buyers, the threats of substitutes and the industry competitors (Porter, 1997). 2. Introduction…show more content…
There are many products in clinical trials from several organisations that are targeting the same type of cancer as the development of the products are based on available information from basic research carried out by many research institutes world-wide. 3-2. Industry competitors As described by Porter the rivalry among existing competitors can be considered high (Porter 1997, 2008), as many biotech companies and start-ups compete to achieve the same goal of promoting their products; sometime they are very similar products. 3-3. Potential entrants The threats of entry are considerably low due to the high initial capital investment to enter this business and the limited availability of research funding (high barrier to entry); the manufacturing and costly distribution channels are also limiting key factors that we have to consider (given the short shelf-life of our products that is freshly prepared and requires cold distribution chain in place to be delivered in to hospitals/clinics). However, large pharmaceutical companies, such as GSK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, are market leaders in the field with diversified portfolios of products (spanning from drugs, new compounds and cell/gene therapy); their business strategy is usually designed to sign off strategic alliances with smaller companies specialised in a specific topic so that they can increase their products portfolio without having
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