1st Yr Research

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Arceo, Diana Marie English Proficiency II Barrion, Ma. Suzenne Meanne TF 8:30AM – 10:00AM De Guzman, Grace Bernice Quisao, Hazel Joy Villanueva, Anna Marie A Research Proposal on Establishing an Investment Counselling Agency that will Provide Free Counselling. Thesis Statement: Increasing number of fraud investment victims must be lessen in terms of having a government entity that will provide investment counselling. I. INTRODUCTION Have you ever thought of doubling your money in no time with no risk? Sounds good, but it corresponds on taking more risk, not zero risk. Many investors nowadays do not know the information needed before engaging to an activity like this. They are not aware of the basic terms that they…show more content…
As to private individuals, this study aims to help them who are interested on investing their money on different business institutions, to reduce the chance of getting them tricked, and to overcome their stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings resulting from the risk their avoiding. Also, as to government institutions, this study will give awareness to different government institutions for them to develop legal entity that will provide financial literacy for private individuals that are interested in investing in different business institutions. This study focuses only on how investment counselling will be a guide or a help before one should engage to an activity of investing his money with a hope of huge returns than what was invested. The researchers considered working on this study to assess its effectiveness, as it would develop the awareness of each individual regarding the basic financial information they should consider, so as to lessen such cases of scams. This study is limited by means of knowledge of each regarding financial information, for researchers are taking up Accountancy, which is

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