2.0 Arguments For Software Piracy Essay

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2.0 Arguments for software piracy

In economical and ethical terms, they are different arguments used to defend the practice of Software Piracy. For example, some customers might say purchasing software is expensive so the computer dealers pirate the software and sell it to the customers for a lower price which consists of a ‘bit torrent’, this is protecting the customers.
2.1 Cost

As broadband internet technology continues to flourish, the price of software continues to increase. Some people have the opinion that software costs too much which leads them to pirate software at a lower price as it is expensive to purchase it commercially [9]. This is beneficial to the people that suffer financially and don’t have a good paid job which is likely to help them with the cost of the software. Pirating software also comes in handy for the university students as it is not always available at low cost and most good software costs hundreds to thousands and this is the amount that students can’t afford when it comes to purchasing software such as Microsoft in order to get their projects and assignments done without money to purchase the original software. Therefore, software piracy casts significant benefits to those who cannot afford the software at such a great price. With some consumer software packages costing up to $500, the amount of money saved by pirating is not negligible [9]. Consumers also believe that manufactures are not hurt by pirates making illegal copies of their
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